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My love of the outdoors is what drives my photography, getting out exploring and bring back images that inspire others. I also love capturing moments and interactions between people and the beauty of the natural environment and the plants and animals that we share this planet with. I hope you enjoy looking at my images and please feel free to contact me for any enquiries.  


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Kurt is one of those rare photographers who has an eye and understanding for the particular demands of outdoor active and adventure
photography. He understands how to capture a visual balance between natural
environments, human movement and emotion to create story-telling imagery that conveys
the joys of the adventure lifestyle my magazines have always served.
— Chris Ord (Trail Run Mag)
Kurt is a talented photographer and videographer, he takes amazing pictures and videos and is totally willing to get down and dirty and go the extra mile to get the shot just how he wants it.
He’s got an eye for photography, he’s creative and breathes new life into areas that have been photographed or videoed before. His passion for the outdoors shines through in his photos.
— Ali Pottinger (Squadrun)

About Me

MY NAME IS kurt matthews

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for photography. During high school I loved getting into the dark room and processing and developing film and images, it was almost like watching magic happen. These days my passion is driven by the outdoors and trying to inspire people to get out and explore it for themselves. I love helping out and trying to get people into photography and am more than happy to spend time with people developing their photography skills.

I love seeing my images in publications, here are a few examples!

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